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    Ion exchange resin GC-YA-B

    Product name: Ion exchange resin GC-YA-B, Alkyl secondary amines GC-YA-B,Amberlite LA-2
    Abbreviation: GC-YA-B
    CAS NO.: 11128-96-4
    Chemical structure: R1R2NH (R1:dodecyl  R2:C12~C14 tertiary alkyl)
    Physicochemical properties: transparency and amber liquid, ammonia odor. Boiling point: 160℃/10mmHg.Insoluble in water.Stable under recommended storage conditions.
    Technical index:
    1. Appearance: amber liquid
    2. Neutral Equivalents: 350~380
    3. Cloud point: <10℃
    4. Color Gardner (VCS): 2~11
    Packing: 160KG/drum or packing at the request of client.
    Storage: keep in cool and dry place. Keep away from heat source and direct sunlight.
    Main uses: this product is an important anion exchange resin, so it is widely used in medicine, pesticide and water treatment as an extraction agent.

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