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     Phenoxycyclotriphosphazene Poly(diphenoxy)phosphazene
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    2,5-Dihydroxyphenyl(diphenyl)phosphine Oxide
    Structure type:

    Product name: 2,5-Dihydroxyphenyl(diphenyl)phosphine Oxide,2-(Diphenylphosphinyl)hydroquinone
    Abbreviation: DPO-HQ
    CAS NO.: 13291-46-8
    Physicochemical properties: white powder without irritant odor. Melting range: 211~215℃. Slightly soluble in methyl alcohol and methylbenzene, insoluble in water.
    Technical index:

    1. Appearance: white powder
    2. Content: ≥98.0%
    3. Drying loss: ≤0.20%

    Packing: 20KG/bag (lined with plastic paper bag) or at the request of client.
    Storage: Keep in cool and dry place. Keep away from heat source and direct sunlight.
    Main uses: The product is new-model reactive organic phosphorus flame retardant that is widely used in epoxy resin, copper-clad-plate, encapsulating material, and other fields.

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